Mirador del Río: overlook the Chinijo Archipelago

The viewpoint Mirador del Río is located at the top of the Risco de Famara, 400 metres above sea level, in the north of Lanzarote. It’s one of the most emblematic architectural creations of Lanzarote. It offers a spectacular panoramic view of the Risco de Famara and the Chinijo Archipelago Natural Park, three small islets separate from Lanzarote.

Where is the Mirador del Río?

The Mirador del Río is located in the north of Lanzarote, up Ye, in Haría. Nearby are the viewpoints of Graciosa and Nahum. 


How to get to the Mirador del Río

To get to the viewpoint Río by car, head north on the LZ-1. Continue along the LZ-201 and take the LZ-202 to your destination. Here’s the exact location:


What to see at the viewpoint Río

views from the viewpoint mirador del río in lanzarote

You should visit the viewpoint when the day is clear to get the best possible views. At the Mirador del Rio there are many things to see, such as:


  • The panoramic views to the island of La Graciosa, as well as the slopes of the Risco de Famara and El Rio, the strip of sea that separates La Graciosa from Lanzarote.
  • The views of the Chinijo Archipelago Natural Park: Montaña Clara, Roque del Oeste and Alegranza, which, together with Roque del Este, form this set of landscapes of volcanic origin, with the largest marine reserve in Europe.
  • The base of the Risco below the viewpoint and the reddish colours of the Salinas de Guza and the small beach "playa del risco".
  • The viewpoint with Manrique's sculpture of a fish and a bird. Inside, there are two impressive vaulted windows overlooking the Corona Volcano. There are also more sculptures by Manrique and some very special decorative details of his own.
  • In addition, sculptural monuments of iron rods and plates hang from the ceiling of the Mirador, as well as the aboriginal ceramics of the artisan Juan Brito, in the corridor leading to the Mirador.


What to do at the viewpoint El Río

views from the cafetería in mirador del río in lanzarote

Admission to the Mirador is 5 euros, less for children. Find out what you can do at the viewpoint:


  • Take panoramic photographs or selfies at the site, where it looks like you're suspended above the sea.
  • Visit the shop and look for a souvenir to take back with you: natural cosmetics, a book or typical handicrafts, among others.
  • Try a typical Canarian barraquito in the cafeteria of the viewpoint: one of the hot drinks that includes coffee, liqueur, frothed milk, cinnamon and lemon.
  • Visit the restaurant, which is integrated into the mountain and decorated with Manrique's artistic creations, such as lamps in the shape of cactus leaves or the symbolic mural. Try an apéritif or the most emblematic wines of Lanzarote.


Accommodation to enjoy Lanzarote and its viewpoints

If you’re looking for the perfect accommodation to enjoy Lanzarote and its viewpoints with spectacular views, we recommend the HD Beach Resort & Spa, located in Costa Teguise, on the beachfront. It’s the perfect place to enjoy one of the most beautiful and magical spots.


A tour of the viewpoint Río: one of the best views of Lanzarote

The viewpoint Río was inaugurated in the 70s and is one of the most representative architectural works designed by César Manrique, the most famous architect of the Canary Islands, and represents art and nature.


The interior of the Mirador has curved shapes and uses light in a spectacular way. Thanks to the telescopes, information panels and the large terrace, visitors can enjoy the facilities to the full. There’s also a bar where you can have juices or hot drinks with the best views next to the large windows.


In conclusion, the Mirador del Río combines nature, beauty and art, maintaining the natural environment as much as possible. Delight yourself with the surroundings and the breathtaking landscape that connects the sea with the sky.

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