Punta Mujeres: a charming seaside village in Lanzarote

Punta Mujeres is a small fishing village located in the north of the island of Lanzarote and more specifically in the municipality of Haría, about 12 kilometres from the capital, Arrecife.


The village is known for its natural pools, which are formed by the erosion of the sea on volcanic rocks. These pools are ideal for swimmingsunbathingsnorkelling, and diving. Two of them are well protected from the open sea, making Punta Mujeres an ideal tourist destination for families with children.


In addition to its natural pools, Punta Mujeres also offers other tourist attractions, such as its old town, its beaches, its viewpoints and its gastronomy. Let's discover it!


Punta Mujeres was founded in the 16th century by fishermen and farmers. The town developed thanks to fishing, which is still an important activity today.


In the 19th century, Punta Mujeres became a crucial tourist destination. The village was visited by artists and writers, such as César Manrique and José Saramago. However, it has barely 1,000 inhabitants and is one of the oldest villages in the area.


What to see and do in Punta Mujeres

Natural pools

natural pool in punta mujeres

The natural pools of Punta Mujeres are one of the main tourist attractions of the village. These pools are formed by the erosion of the sea on volcanic rocks. The best known natural pool is at Punta de las Rosas, and is well protected from the waves.


The pools of Punta Mujeres are of different sizes and depths. Some are ideal for swimming, while others are more suitable for sunbathingsnorkelling, or diving. The offer is complemented by attached village bars where you can have a drink.


Old town

white house in punta mujeres decorated with flowers

The old town of Punta Mujeres is a quiet and picturesque place. The streets are lined with white houses with balconies adorned with flowers, preserving their traditional Canarian charm. Here you can find several historical buildings, such as the church of San Roque, the Molino Salinero and the public washing place. It’s a small paradise for the whole family, far from the hustle and bustle of the island's tourist resorts. You can also reach Arrieta via the seafront promenade.



Punta Mujeres has numerous beautiful beaches, such as Playa de Punta MujeresPlaya del Caletón and Playa de la Garita.


Playa de Punta Mujeres is the main beach of the town. It’s a black sand beach with crystal clear waters. It’s the ideal spot for surfing, especially in the area of El Espino.


On the other hand, Playa del Caletón is smaller and quieter, ideal for families with children. And finally, Playa de la Garita is a black sand beach with deeper waters. It’s also an ideal beach for water sports such as surfing and windsurfing.


La Corona Volcano

la corona volcano view from above

La Corona Volcano is a natural monument about 600 metres high and protected by a large volcanic cone. It’s a protected natural monument and the malpaís (lava) that it produced during its eruption extends all the way to the coast. It’s easily accessible, so you can climb it with good walking shoes.


Jameos del Agua and Cueva de los Verdes

jameo del agua cave

Just 2 kilometres from Punta Mujeres, you’ll find the famous natural enclaves of Jameos del Agua and Cueva de los Verdes. Discover why they’re so famous!



Punta Mujeres offers several panoramic views of the north coast of Lanzarote. The Mirador de Punta Mujeres is one of the most popular viewpoints in the village. It offers a spectacular view of the natural pools and the sea.


The Mirador de Los Helechos is another popular viewpoint. It offers a panoramic view of the north coast of Lanzarote, including the island of La Graciosa.



We recommend attending the festival in honour of the Virgen del Pino, which is usually held in September. Typical local fiestas include theatrical performances, barbecues and more. It is the best way to get to know the local people and their culture.



The gastronomy of Punta Mujeres is a mixture of local and international flavours. Typical local dishes include fresh fish, papas arrugadas (wrinkled potatoes) and mojo picón.


In Punta Mujeres you can find several restaurants offering traditional Canarian cuisine, such as Tahoyo Restaurant, one of the best rated. There are also various bars and cafés where you can enjoy tapas and drinks.


How to get to Punta Mujeres

Punta Mujeres is about 12 kilometres from the capital, Arrecife. The village can be reached by car, bus, or taxi.


By car, you can take the LZ-20 road in the direction of Haría. The village is about 10 minutes from the road.

By bus, you can take bus number 21 from Arrecife. The bus takes about 20 minutes to reach Punta Mujeres.

By taxi, the journey from Arrecife costs about 20 euros.



Weather in Punta Mujeres

The weather in Punta Mujeres is generally mild and sunny throughout the year. The average annual temperature is 22 degrees Celsius.


In summer, temperatures can reach 30 degrees Celsius, but the humidity is low, so the heat is bearable.


In winter, temperatures are cooler, but rarely drop below 15 degrees Celsius.


The rainy season is from November to April, but rainfall is low.



Punta Mujeres, Lanzarote's idyllic paradise

Punta Mujeres is a charming village that offers a wide variety of tourist attractions. The natural pools, the old town, the beaches, the viewpoints, and the gastronomy are some charms of this seaside village.


If you’re looking for a quiet and picturesque place to enjoy your holidays, Punta Mujeres is an excellent choice. Here, visitors and residents of all ages can experience pure nature seasoned with salt and enjoy the sun, water, and volcanic lava that Lanzarote is known for.

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