Teguise: the first town of Lanzarote

Costa Teguise, a picturesque town on the island of Lanzarote, is a true jewel of the Canary Islands. With its beautiful beaches, wide range of leisure activities and charming shops, this holiday resort attracts visitors from all over the world year after year.


In this blog article, we’ll have a closer look at Costa Teguise, explore its unique features and provide tips for an unforgettable stay.

Where is Costa Teguise located?


Costa Teguise is located on the east coast of Lanzarote, the fourth largest of the Canary Islands. The island belongs to Spain and is located in the Atlantic Ocean off the north-west coast of Africa. Costa Teguise is located around 15 kilometres north-east of Arrecife airport and stretches along the coast with breathtaking views of the azure blue waters of the ocean.


How to get to Costa Teguise?

Travelling to Costa Teguise is simple and straightforward. There are direct flights to Arrecife Airport from many European cities. From there, you can either hire a car to explore the surrounding area or take one of the regular buses that connect the airport with Costa Teguise.



Weather in Costa Teguise

Costa Teguise spoils its visitors with a pleasant climate all year round. Summers are warm but not too hot, with average temperatures of 25 to 30 degrees Celsius. Winters are mild and ideal for those who want to escape the cold weather. The sea breeze provides a refreshing atmosphere and makes Costa Teguise a year-round holiday destination.


What to do in Costa Teguise

town of teguise in lanzarote

Costa Teguise has something for everyone. The beaches are undoubtedly the main attraction. Playa de las Cucharas beach is particularly popular with water sports enthusiasts who appreciate the optimal wind conditions. Here you can go windsurfingkitesurfing and even diving. Those who prefer to relax will find a quiet retreat with golden sand and crystal-clear water at Playa Bastián.


In addition to the beaches, Costa Teguise is also home to cultural sights. The Pueblo Marinero, the picturesque fishing village in the heart of the town, is home to charming boutiques, restaurants, and bars. The architecture reflects the traditional style of the Canary Islands and invites visitors to take a leisurely stroll.


Where to eat delicious food in Costa Teguise

The gastronomic scene in Costa Teguise is varied and delicious. Here you can enjoy fresh seafood in the numerous fish restaurants. The restaurant "El Navarro" is known for its exquisite fish dishes and idyllic views of the sea. For lovers of Canarian cuisine, we recommend a visit to "La Aulaga Casa Teguise", where traditional dishes are served with a modern twist.


There are also international restaurants to provide variety. Whether Italian pasta, Spanish tapas or Asian specialities: Costa Teguise has something for everyone.


Shops on Costa Teguise

Shopping fans won’t be disappointed in Costa Teguise. The Pueblo Marinero isn’t only a place to relax, but also a paradise for souvenir hunters. Here you can find handicraftsjewellery and local products. The market days, when the alleyways are filled with colourful stalls, offer a special opportunity to purchase handmade goods directly from local artists.


traditional market on teguise


For fashion-conscious visitors, there are also numerous boutiques offering international and local designer clothing. From beachwear to elegant evening gowns — the shops in Costa Teguise leave nothing to be desired.


Festivals in Costa Teguise

The people of Costa Teguise are proud of their cultural diversity, which they are happy to share with visitors. Various festivals and events take place throughout the year and offer an insight into the local way of life. 


The carnival festival in February brings colour and joy to the streets, while the festival in honour of the patron saint in September is associated with religious processions and traditional dances.


Visitors who want to experience the authentic Costa Teguise should try to synchronise their trip with one of the local festivals. Here, they can not only enjoy the festive atmosphere, but also experience the hospitality of the locals.


Accommodation on Costa Teguise

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Get to know Lanzarote: start by Costa Teguise

costa teguise beach

Costa Teguise is a destination that has something for everyone. From stunning beaches to delicious cuisine and cultural experiences, this place on Lanzarote is a true paradise waiting to be discovered.

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