The best recreational areas in Gran Canaria

Do you want to spend a pleasant day in the countryside surrounded by friends or family? Do you want to have a picnic and eat under trees? Then the recreational areas of Gran Canaria are the best option! They’re an excellent way to stay in contact with nature, to eat under pine trees and other types of vegetation and to enjoy a peaceful time.


Gran Canaria is an island with a wide variety of recreational areas. The Cabildo de Gran Canaria has been caring for, preserving and enhancing these areas to offer these spaces in the best conditions.


At HD Hotels & Resorts we consider the recreational areas of Gran Canaria to be a fundamental element for getting to know the natural landscapes that the island has to offer. 

Therefore, if you want to visit the island, in this post we’ll give you a list of the best recreational areas to have picnic in Gran Canaria, so that you can make the most of your trip while enjoying the most beautiful landscapes of the island.


The 5 best Picnic Places in Gran Canaria

Most of these areas are located in the interior of the island and are situated at an altitude of over 600 metres above sea level. They’re ideal places to surround yourself with a natural environment and discover beautiful landscapes while having a meal or enjoying time with your family or friends. 


These are the main recreational areas in Gran Canaria:

The Valleseco Lagoon

One of the most beautiful recreational areas on the island. Bordering a pond and a racecourse, this area stands out for being surrounded by trees that provide shelter and shade, while giving it a cosy touch.


This place is perfectly equipped for barbecues, with fire pitswater fountains and tables to sit and eat.


If you want, when you’ve finished eating, you can relax by taking a short walk around the area and discover the wonders hidden in this characteristic part of the island.

Los Llanos de la Pez

A classic when it comes to recreational areas in Gran Canaria. It’s the favourite area for families to spend their Sundays.

It’s located just a few kilometres from Roque Nublo, which can be reached by a pleasant walk through pine trees.


It’s the ideal place to enjoy a good picnic, as well as for barbecues and camping. However, camping requires a permit issued by the Cabildo de Gran Canaria.

Tamadaba Nature Park

Within the extensive Tamadaba Natural Park, there’s a natural area with picnic areas, ideal for spending a day with family and friends in the heart of nature.


In this Natural Park, you can find all kinds of facilities for eating, such as picnic areas, barbecue areas and even camping if you wish.

From HD Hotels & Resorts, we recommend that you don't leave without visiting the spectacular Llanos de la Mimbre viewpoint.

Monte Pavón

One of the greenest areas on the island is home to a recreational area that very few people know about and which, therefore, isn’t as crowded as others, which is a point in favour.


The recreational area of Monte Pavón is situated in the highlands of Guía, very close to one of the most famous cheese dairies on the island, where Guía's DOP queso de flor cheese is produced, at an altitude of almost 1,200 metres.


It’s another ideal place to enjoy a picnic while enjoying the breathtaking views. If you prefer, you can take a walk in the surrounding area and follow the wonderful Entre Cortijos route.

Santa Cristina

The Santa Cristina recreational area is located in the lower midlands, specifically in the municipality of Moya.


It’s located on a large esplanade prepared for different group activities in the open air. It’s not an area where you can make barbecues, but its picnic area is ideal for enjoying a good picnic.


Discover the best recreational areas in Gran Canaria to get to know this marvellous island in depth. Enjoy a pleasant day out with your family or friends, in the heart of nature, thanks to the list that we’ve offered you at HD Hotels & Resorts. What are you waiting for?

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