Jardín de Cactus in Lanzarote: an oasis of beauty in the middle of aridity

The Cactus Garden (Jardín de Cactus) is located in Guatiza, in the municipality of Teguise, in Lanzarote. It’s an impressive work of the Canary Islander César Manrique, and is home to around 4,500 specimens of cactus, with some 500 species from all around the world.


Let's discover one of the most important cactus gardens in the world!

General features of the botanical garden

The cactus garden occupies about 5000 m². It was established in the 1990s on the site of an old rofera, where vulcanic rofe stone was excavated. It was used as a landfill in an agricultural area with extensive plantations of tunera cactus for the cultivation of cochineal. In this way, the garden is a rehabilitation of a place of great landscape value on the island in a state of neglect. Furthermore, it has also won international awards. It’s a total mixture of gardening, architecture and sculpture in its purest form.


Opening hours of the cactus garden

The centre is open 365 days a year.

Opening hours: 10pm – 4:30pm. The garden closes at 5 pm.


Location and how to get there

The botanical park is located on Av. Garafía in Guatiza. Here’s the exact location:



How much is the entrance fee to the cactus garden?

Prices: Adults: €6.50.

Children from 7 to 11 years: €3.25.


If you’re a resident of the Canary Islands, Adults pay €5.20 and minors €2.60.


How long does the visit to the cactus garden last?

The estimated duration of the visit is 1 hour.


Architectural information

In Jardín del Cactus, we highlight the presence of volcanic stone and basaltic monoliths that were converted into sculptures. In this way, an architecture full of sculptural and decorative elements coexists with the living, volcanic and exotic environment of the cacti. 


What to see in el Jardín del Cactus

interior of the cactus garden in lanzarote

Although we recommend seeing this beautiful botanical garden in its entirety, you shouldn’t miss the following places, specially not if you love to take photos:


  • The 8-metre cactus right at the entrance, with spectacular views. 
  • The windmill of Guatiza
  • The fountain in front of the shop
  • The “mother-in-law's” seat (in spanish: asiento de la suegra)
  • The mural in the cafeteria


Where to eat in el Jardín del Cactus

In the Cactus Garden in Lanzarote, there’s a restaurant where you can try unique flavours with a beautiful view of the garden. We recommend you try the typical Canarian dishes such as local goat's cheese or papas arrugadas con mojo and, above all, the speciality of the house: the dishes with cacti.


And, of course, anyone who comes to Lanzarote must try one of the Denominación de Origen de Lanzarote wines


Where to stay to enjoy the botanical garden

Would you like to choose the best holiday accommodation for your holiday, so that you can not only enjoy the cactus garden but also everything else Lanzarote has to offer? We recommend the HD Beach Resort & Spa: one of the best hotels for families in Lanzarote.


Tour the Jardín de Cactus in Lanzarote: a unique visual and sensory experience

What are you waiting for to enjoy a unique experience? Learn about the construction process of the centre, its historical and ethnographic links and its cochineal-growing past. See the Cactus Garden through the eyes of the artist.

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